Bekaboo 26th March 2023 Full Episode Written Update


Bekaboo 26th March 2023 Full Episode Written Update

Bekaboo 26th March 2023 Written Episode, Composed Update on Herogayab News.

The episode begins with the thunder of a Rakshas frightening a few ladies in the forest. Ladies shout and take off in dread. Next morning individuals are being seen discussing the occurrence the previous evening. A young fellow tells Kaka an elderly person that the previous evening there was a creature assault. The older man makes sense of for a kid that it was anything but a creature it was a Rakshas. At the point when the young fellow wouldn’t completely accept that him, Kaka began recounting the past. He made sense of that there are 7loks in the universe.

Three loks above and three loks underneath the Earth in particular the Swarglok, parilok, Jahannum and so forth. Individuals who really do great go to paradise and those deother terrible take a hike. He makes sense of about the 7 loks exhaustively. The least lok is known as Jahannum where the Rakshas stay who are gigantically strong and are reviled by the Devtas. Kaka additionally says that all Rakshas are not awful. There was a Rakshas named Balka who knew the distinction among great and terrible. He was a lover of Master Shiva and attempted to laud him since he needed the ‘Asiastra’. Assuming he got it every one of the devils would have the option to enter the Earth whenever. So he attempted to satisfy Shiva.

On the opposite side, a Rakshas is seen conversing with a young lady who is horribly frightened by his jestures. Here one more Rakshas shows up who needed to guard the young lady from the awful Rakshas. They end up being Rakshas Balka’s children. Balka had 3 children and a daughter.They are seen battling among themselves for conflicting with their dad Balka who was a decent man. Two of his children Pratham and Ashwath appeared to be extremely near one another.

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Bekaboo 26th March 2023 Full Episode Written Update

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