March 31, 2023
Kuch To Hai Naagin 6 New Episode

Kuch To Hai Naagin 6 New Episode

Kuch To Hai Naagin 6 New Episode
Kuch To Hai Naagin 6 New Episode

Kuch To Hai Naagin 6 New Episode Rishabh is Alive, Sheshnaagin Fights India’s Enemies

Pratha otherwise known as Tejasswi Prakash escapes the snare with Lord Shiva’s gifts and makes ruin all over the planet. Pratha meets a teacher who enlightens her regarding the assault on Kedarnath. The crude boss tells safeguard serve about their secret official who faked his demise. Zhang, Mehek also known as Maheck Chahal, and Urvashi also known as Urvashi Dholakia show up at Kedarnath to execute their arrangement. Pratha tells Rajesh Pratap Singh also known as Vishal Solanki that her girl is as yet alive so she can’t pardon her adversaries. She lets him know that she has chosen to save India from adversaries. Sheshnaagin shows up at Kedarnath to battle the country’s adversaries as her better half Rishabh also known as Simba Nagpal would have done likewise for his country. Mehek goes inside the Kedarnath cave as a component of Zhang’s arrangement

Mehek routs Nashika and becomes Shehnaagrani. Sheshnaagin Pratha kills Nashik. Sheshnaag reluctantly weds Mehek. Mehek attempts to double-cross and kill Pratha once more yet Sheshnaag sends help. Urvashi and Mehek tell Pratha her little girl is as yet alive. Pratha gets deceived by Mehek again as she gets caught inside a got trap in a puzzling dull cavern. Zhang tells Mehek and Urvashi he intends to obliterate India on Independence Day. Mehek consents to assist Zhang with executing his arrangement at Kedarnath as her granddad in-regulation was a military official. Pratha feels vulnerable inside the strong mystical snare when she sees Rishabh close to her. Rishabh tells her to not surrender and battle for their little girl.

Pratha Invokes Lord Shiva
Pratha acknowledges later that she was envisioning Rishabh. She gets persuaded and summons Lord Shiva to help her. Pratha rises again with her original capacity and escapes the snare. Sheshnaagin Pratha gets rankled and makes devastation. All around the world hailstorm and quakes are felt showing the appearance of absolute obliteration. The cleric at Rajesh Pratap’s home lets him know that this happens when either Lord Vishnu awakens from his rest or Lord Shiva performs Tandav Nritya. He likewise lets them know that when Sheshnaag or Shehnaagin start their Tandav and still, at the end of the day quakes happen as the world stirs up.

Sheshnaagin Decides to Fight India’s Enemies
Sheshnaagin shows up at the teacher’s home in the wake of getting the red sign on the sky. At the point when Pratha meets the teacher, he acquaints her with her child young lady. He asks her for what reason Mehek didn’t come. Pratha lets him know Mehek is likewise among the people who double-crossed her. The teacher then illuminates Pratha about the adversary’s intention to obliterate India by going after Kedarnath. Pratha lets him know no matter what, she will save the country from the foes. The RAW boss addresses the safeguard serve about their secret official who had some significant awareness of the designs to go after Kedarnath. he lets the priest know that individuals think he kicked the bucket in the fire yet he is as yet alive. Rishabh Gujral goes into the room and lets them know he faked his demise.

Mehek Tries to Plant Bomb at Kedarnath Cave
Pratha arrives at Rajesh’s home and lets him know that her little girl is as yet alive and she can’t veer off from the way of retribution. She informs him concerning her choice to save Kedarnath from foe assault by going there. Pratha takes a gander at Rishabh’s photograph and says being his significant other she will do how he would have helped the country. Zhang, Urvashi, and Mehek show up at Kedarnath and begin getting ready for their plot to go after Kedarnath. Zhang gives an explosive to Mehek which she goes to plant at Kedarnath cave. Pratha shows up at Kedarnath wearing a cape when she is going to become by Rishabh however takes off. She doesn’t understand she stood up to Rishabh as he dug out from a deficit thinking she may be a psychological militant. As Mehek goes to establish the bomb she is stunned to see Rishabh before her.

Sheshnaagin Beats up Urvashi
Sheshnaagin goes behind the camp where weapons are being stacked by fear mongers. The entire camp is singed while the fear-based oppressors are killed by Pratha. Urvashi shows up at the scene and is then whipped by Pratha. Urvashi lets Pratha know that she can’t kill her. Pratha lets Urvashi know that she won’t kill her and helps her to remember Nani’s prediction. Urvashi reviews her mom had reviled her that assuming she returns to her Naagin structure once more, she would pass on in 24 hours or less. Pratha then, at that point, gets Urvashi with her tail and tears into her on the neck. Urvashi then tumbles all the way down. Sheshnaagin tells her she won’t kill her in such a condition.

Mehek Tells Rishabh Pratha Was Pregnant
As Rishabh focuses a weapon at Heena, she lets him know Pratha was pregnant and she even had a girl. Mehek lets him know she made a horrible arrangement with the goal that Pratha thinks her child kicked the bucket and Rishabh is liable for her demise. Rishabh is stunned to know reality as Mehek hits him on the head with his firearm while he nearly swoons. Mehek then, at that point, focuses a weapon at him and says he will kick the bucket like his better half and girl.

Rishabh puts his life in extreme danger to battle adversaries and discards the explosive. Mehek plans to mask as Rishabh to go after Kedarnath. Rishabh and Pratha at last meet while Mehek liberates Yeti from the enclosure so he goes after everybody other than her.

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