March 30, 2023
Kuch To Hai Naagin 6 New Episode

Kuch To Hai Naagin 6 New Episode

Kuch To Hai Naagin 6 New Episode
Kuch To Hai Naagin 6 New Episode

She sees the evening glow falling on her skin and thinks this is Pratha who is behaving like Kiara and living with them. She considers uncovering her and leaves without locking the entryway. She proceeds to tell Urvashi that Pratha is alive. Pratha changes into herself and inquires as to whether she got stunned. She freezes the occasion. Mehek tells she won’t let her experience this time. The two of them begin battling.

Kuch To Hai Naagin 6 New Episode – 14th August 2022 Episode 53

In the present episode, Mehek takes Pratha to the mystery room telling her that she needed to show her something. Shakti hears the entryway opening and proceeds to stow away. He feels that Deepika is coming. Mehek figures she will lock Pratha here.

Pratha tells she isn’t her sister and tells she will make her experience demise ordinary and won’t kill her today since she killed Rishab and her child. She makes Mehek fall on the ground and thaws the occasion. Everybody hurry to Mehek and inquire as to why’s she on the floor. Afterward, Mehek tells Urvashi that Pratha is alive and Urvashi gets stunned. She lets Urvashi know that whoever will wed Shesh Naag will become Shesh Naagrani. She goes to Naag Mahal for the swayamvar. Pratha stops her. Mehek inquires as to whether there’s any indifference with regards to other Naagins. Shesh Naag tells them she can take an interest. Pratha grins and thinks she realized this will occur. Damayanti and Shesh Naag come and stand.

Pratha declares the primary round. Mehek and Barkha finish it. Mehek meets all requirements for the third round. Pratha opens the red entryway and red light is seen. Shesh Naag tells that Mehek can wed him assuming she wins the third round where she really wants to head inside and finish the round. Mehek discovers that Nashika lives inside and can transform anybody into stone who see her eyes. Mehek goes in and gets frightened. Pratha reviews Shesh Naag promising to help her.
This episode has been watched on the channel’s OTT stage.

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