March 31, 2023

Bigg Boss Kannada OTT has finished its most memorable week now and entered its second. In any case, it has proactively seen its portion of battles and contentions, something that the acclaimed house is known for. This week saw two of the greatest battles in this season to date.

BIGG BOSS KANNADA TODAY LIVE – Bigg Boss Kannada Online OTT 17th August 2022

Sonu Srinivasa Gowda, who accomplished popularity for making Reels and Tiktok recordings, got into a warm contention with another candidate, TV entertainer Saanya Iyer while Arjun Ramesh and Roopesh Shetty loudly mishandled one another.

Hopefuls Lock Horns As Show Enters Second Week

The Bigg Boss contenders are given different assignments. Essentially, two groups were framed and given a mission. This challenge expected the two players from every crew to enter the game. One of them expected to pay attention to music with earphones while the other needed to peruse out a sentence given to them by Bigg Boss. The one wearing the earphones is expected to figure out the sentence.

Notwithstanding, when Sonu and Saanya played the game, Sonu couldn’t get a solitary word right and continued to gripe that the music was excessively clear. This irritated Saanya which eventually prompted a warm contention between the two with both faulting each other for the bombed task.

Then again, Arjun and Roopesh battled about squandered food. After supper, skipper Arjun found rotis in the garbage, and that is the means by which everything started. He became bothered by the housemates’ misuse of food and started examining them about it.

Roopesh Shetty then, at that point, conceded that he was the person who put the rotis in the rubbish since he couldn’t complete it. In any case, when Arjun referenced the worth of food and the number of individuals that go hungry, things immediately went crazy. Roopesh was unglued about this and blamed Arjun for killing his personality by saying that he doesn’t esteem food.

The circumstance raised rapidly with both manhandling one another, and it was exclusively with the mediation of different housemates that they mellowed down.

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