March 26, 2023

BIGG BOSS KANNADA TODAY LIVE – Bigg Boss Kannada Online OTT 16th August 2022

BIGG BOSS KANNADA TODAY LIVE : Arjun Ramesh was the main commander in week 1 of Bigg Boss Kannada OTT season 1. Sadly for him, not long after getting the obligation, he was decently seriously harmed on his shoulder during an errand and has had his arm in a sling from that point forward. As a matter of fact, Arjun has been in such an excess of actual desolation that he’d in a real sense requested that Bigg Boss let him get back toward the finish of week 1 in the house during the end cycle. Be that as it may, in the wake of thinking about clinical counsel, he was approached to proceed with his stretch in the house.

Everyone Supports Arjun’s captaincy, but it’s the ideal opportunity for a change- here comes captain Jashwanth

Arjun’s week as chief is presently reaching a conclusion – a period wherein he was for the most part an observer and ensuring that everybody in the house was keeping guidelines and taking care of their errands and undertakings accurately. He had an intermittent warmed trade of words for certain housemates, however, in general, everybody was genuinely content with his exhibition as skipper, in any event, suggesting him for proceeding with the second week. The most well-known remark was that everybody thought he was very fair while ensuring everybody played by the standard book during assignments. What was likewise brought up was that Arjun might have improved in the event that he was not harmed, as his actual torment and close-to-home pressure was negatively affecting him that, somehow or another, was influencing him as chief in the house.

Later in the day, the six contenders who’d won the various errands in the house were named qualified to challenge for the post of the skipper. Two all at once they needed to go up and lobby for themselves, with the other candidates then, at that point, pondering and disposing of one. First up was Jaswant and Nandini, where the previous was the divinely selected individual, as the housemates accepted captaincy could allow him an opportunity to bond with everybody better, while likewise rising up out of the shadow of being Nandini’s sweetheart. Next came Jayshree and Sonu and it didn’t take them long to remove the last since even her ‘political race’ felt haughty. Lastly, among Chythraa and Sanya, the previous was the anointed one for her unbiased bond with everybody in the house. Sanya’s absence of profound interface with numerous competitors then turned into an idea.

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