March 30, 2023
anupama serial latest episode

anupama serial latest episode

Anupama Serial Update Baa and Ankush are in constant disagreement as the last option faults Vanraj for the setback

Anupama Serial Update: Anupama is as of now administering our TV screens. The show is doing incredibly well and is besting the week-by-week BARC appraisals.

Nowadays, the show’s track is very fascinating as the account centers around Anupama and Anuj’s post-marriage life. While the Kapadia and the Shah families handle Adhik and Pakhi’s romantic tale, Anuj has come to know Barkha and Ankush’s reality lastly, Anupama chooses to break attaches with the Shah family.

In the past episode, Kavya would get examined by the Shah family with respect to what occurred among Anuj and Vanraj. Kavya is still in shock and she doesn’t have the foggiest idea what to say, she lets the family know that when she arrived at there both were out of resentment and were at that point remaining close to the bluff. Then again, Ankush will question Adhik and will address him on the off chance that he is finished anything as he used to despise both.

In the impending episode, Ankush and Baa will have a spat in the clinic. As Ankush questions Vanraj about causing the setback, that is when Baa will attack him and will say that Vanraj woudn’t follow through with something like that.

Samar and Anupama will likewise be supporting Vanraj and will let them know that despite the fact that Vanraj has a terrible attitude, he won’t kill anybody.

Anupama will demand everybody not to battle and to appeal to God for the prosperity of Vanraj and Anuj.

It will be intriguing to see when Anuj and Vanraj will acquire cognizance and describe what occurred, and how both the families would respond!

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