March 29, 2023
anupama serial latest episode
Anupama serial latest episode

Anupama Star Plus Full Episode Anupama 13th September 2022

Anupamaa is by and by administering our TV screens. The show is doing uncommonly well and is besting the week after week BARC evaluations.

Nowadays, the show’s track is very intriguing as the account centers around Anupama and Anuj’s post-marriage life. While the Kapadia and the Shah families handle Adhik and Pakhi’s romantic tale, Anuj has come to know Barkha and Ankush’s reality.

In the past episode, Anuj will apologize to Anupama for shouting at her and would contrast himself with Vanraj and will likewise gift her an armband.

Anupama will attack him and will let him know that he is no place like Vanraj and later on, he ought to shun making such correlations as he is a totally different individual. He is sorry and lets Anupama know that he knows her past has been like this and again he did likewise, she tells him not to talk about this as everybody is human and they will generally blow up.

In the impending episode, Anupama will rebuff Paritosh and provide him with a wide range of disciplines which Anupama believed Leela should provide for Vanraj previously.

From the outset, Anupama will grab Paritosh on the right track to call Anupama his mom.

Anupama can not actually fault Paritosh completely as Toshu just became involved with the childhood of Vanraj as even his dad didn’t think his extramarital undertaking was off with Kavya.

It will be fascinating to perceive how might Kinjal and the Shah family respond when they come to be familiar with Toshu’s world.

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