March 26, 2023
Big upset in FIFA World Cup 2022, Saudi Arabia surprises Argentina;  Messi’s goal did not work


Saudi Arabian players counterattacked in the second half
Saleh Alsehri scored in the 48th minute to snatch the lead from Argentina.
Later, Argentina continued to try to score but could not succeed.

Doha. There was a big upset on the third day in the FIFA World Cup on Tuesday, when Saudi Arabia recorded a shocking victory over Argentina and defeated them 2-1. Star player Lionel Messi gave Argentina the lead in the 10th minute. He scored a penalty against Saudi Arabia. With this goal, Argentina’s team is leading 1-0 in the match. Lautaro Martinez scored the second goal for Argentina, but it was disallowed by the referee.

After halftime, Saudi Arabia increased the attack on Argentina and scored the first goal of the match in the 48th minute. This goal was scored by Saleh Alshehri for Saudi Arabia. After this, Salem Aldsari scored the second goal for Saudi Arabia in the 53rd minute to go ahead 2-1 in the match. The Argentine players tried their best to reduce this lead, but Saudi Arabia’s strong defense kept them in check and in the end Saudi Arabia won.

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Martinez’s goal disallowed, Argentina under pressure
Argentina’s team, which is considered to be a World Cup contender, did not appear in rhythm in this match against Saudi Arabia. Argentina’s star Lionel Messi scored a goal in the 10th minute of the match to give the team an early lead, which lasted till half time. continued. During this, Martinez also scored a goal and put pressure on the opposition Saudi Arabia, but the referee rejected it.


The winning streak of 36 matches was broken
The Saudis fought back in the second half as Saleh Alsehri scored in the 48th minute to equalize Argentina’s lead, shortly after Salem Aldawsari scored in the 53rd minute to give Argentina a 2–1 lead. Made it After this, Argentina kept trying to score continuously but he could not succeed. Along with this humiliating defeat from Saudi Arabia, Argentina’s 36-match winning streak also came to an end. During this, Argentina won 25 matches, while 11 matches were drawn.

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became a unique record
Saudi Arabia has become the first team since 1974 to score two goals in the first match of the FIFA World Cup against Argentina. In 1974, Poland defeated them 3-2 for the last time. This is only the third victory of Saudi Arabia in the history of the World Cup. After this victory against Argentina, his confidence will skyrocket. Argentina’s next match is now against Mexico on 27 November and Poland on 30 November. To reach the pre-quarterfinals, now they will have to win both their remaining matches.

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