March 31, 2023

Payoneer Debit Card Fees And TOS Check Hare

Payoneer has established itself as a web money transfer service provider for businesses and freelancers. Businesses making payments to contractors and vendors, receiving payments from customers or looking to convert currencies, Payoneer is one among the go-to solutions. Freelancers can receive payments directly into their Payoneer accounts from online marketplaces and networks like Airbnb, Upwork, Cdiscount, Fiverr, CJ Affiliate, Wish, Getty Images, HomeAway, Rakuten, Lazada, and Tradedoubler AB. With Payoneer, you’re guaranteed of low transfer fees, payments in minutes, and therefore the flexibility of accessing cash either at ATMs or local bank accounts.

Globally, Payoneer serves 200+ countries in over 150 currencies, which is quite a number of the opposite money transfer companies. The minimum you’ll withdraw is $50 and therefore the fee charged per withdrawal is $3. this suggests that when withdrawing amounts as large as $1,000, the $3 are going to be insignificant. Note that this minimum withdrawal limit does seem to vary counting on where you’re located – Payoneer recommends logging into your account and navigating to the ‘Withdraw’ tab to ascertain the complete details related to your account.

When getting funds from an ATM employing a Payoneer card, you don’t get an opportunity to ascertain the balance on the screen. This creates tons of guesswork when accessing funds in currencies aside from USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, JPY and CNH. APPLY A PAYONEER CARD

ItemPrice (USD)UnitHow it’s applied
Card activation$12.95per cardOnce – when the card is first loaded
Card activation – Listed countries$24.95per cardOnce – when the card is first loaded: Albania, Angola, Belarus, Bosnia Herzegovina, Côte D’Ivoire, Congo, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Iraq, Kosovo, Lebanon, Liberia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Pakistan, São Tomé, Serbia, Somalia, Turmekistan, Zibabwe.
Loading Payments – Immediate (within 2 hours)$3.00per loadEach time the card is loaded
Monthly card account maintenance$3.000-4 trx/monthMonthly, from available card balance
Monthly card account maintenance$1.005 trx/monthMonthly, from available card balance
Card replacement$12.95Per cardWhen the card is first loaded
ATM Cash Withdrawals or Transactions   
ATM withdrawal$2.75Per trxWhen the withdrawal is requested
Declined ATM withdrawal$1.00Per trxWhen withdrawal request is declined
Purchases at stores or onlineFree*Per trxWhen the card is used for purchases
ATM balance inquiry$1.00Per trxWhen the inquiry is made

Important: Remember that you simply must have a minimum balance of 20 USD so you’ll withdraw funds to your Payoneer open-end credit

For more information you’ll contact Payoneer directly here.

If you would like to check in for Payoneer to receive your payments you’ll go

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