PM Gets Roaring Welcome in Sydney – erangpurcity Bangla

PM Gets Roaring Welcome in Sydney – erangpurcity Bangla

Sydney, (Australia) : Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese addressed Prime Minister Narendra Modi as ‘The Boss’. Indian diaspora attending the function of Indians living in Australia in Sydney on Tuesday were shocked when he made such comments about Modi. Australian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s popularity has been compared to that of famous rock star Bruce Springsteen. Bruce Springsteen is also known as ‘The Boss’ among fans.

Prime Minister arrived in Australia on Monday night after visiting Japan and Papua New Guinea. After landing at Sydney airport, he was welcomed with a warm welcome. Modi attended a program of expatriate Indians on Tuesday after holding talks with some Australian industrialists aimed at bringing investment to the country. The Prime Minister also has a program of bilateral meeting with the Prime Minister of Australia.

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After reaching the venue of Kudos Bank in Sydney on this day, Prime Minister Modi was welcomed according to local customs and traditions. The event started with a cultural performance by Indian dancers. In his speech at the event, the Prime Minister of Australia said, “I last saw Bruce Springsteen on this stage. But Bruce Springsteen didn’t get the grand reception PM Modi got. So PM Modi is ‘The Boss’.” More than twenty thousand expatriate Indians attended the event organized by ‘India-Australia Diaspora Foundation’.

In his speech before Prime Minister Modi, Albanese also mentioned the topic of his bilateral meeting with Modi that day. Narendra Modi said in his speech, “Once upon a time it was thought that cricket, commonwealth and curry were the links of mutual bond between India and Australia. But later it was realized, the reason for this mail bond is deeper. That is mutual respect and unwavering trust.” Narendra Modi announced that this will continue in the future to the huge cheers of the expatriates present.

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