March 31, 2023
Whenever it came, in whatever form it came, it froze;  he is called dharmendra

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Dharmendra’s birthday But the audience of Hindi cinema likes to remember his film journey. Feels that the shades of his acting should be done at one place. When an attempt is made to bring the colors of the journey of almost six decades on one plane, then every time the colors which can be said to be completely different and opposite to each other get accumulated in one place. Then the image that is created is Dharmendra.

The job of an actor is to play different characters. Why only Hindi, in most places the audience wants to see their favorite actors from the firm of their imagination. See also. This is the reason why many of those who play religious mythological characters, later on get a ton of films and roles. All these myths seem to be breaking in Dharmendra’s acting journey. Anyway, for decades on the silver screen, people’s wishes and desires would have been voiced. Dharmendra There is no hero of any one generation. If the people born in the year of the release of his first film had been in service, they would have retired by now. Still, it is well remembered that in spite of all the actors like Vinod Khanna, Kabir Bedi and Feroze Khan, many youths of that era in towns, villages and small places used to stand in front of the mirror and search for Dharmendra in themselves. Even among those who build their bodies by doing Riyaz in the akhadas, compared to all other actors, only Dharmendra had acceptance.

pattern of satyakam
There are many viewers and critics in whose view the film ‘Satyakam’ is a great example of Dharmendra’s film journey. There is a need to understand the time of this film which came in 1969. Only 22 years had passed since the government came into our hands. There was a considerable amount of arrogance of piety, family purity and superiority. New consciousness and thinking had also emerged.

era of the romantic hero
When this actor, who struggled on the ground of life from his initial films, started romancing on the silver screen, he looked no less than Rajesh Khanna. Even his pairing with heroines like Sharmila Tagore, Tanuja, Vyjayanthimala was very much liked by the audience. It is also necessary to mention the names of popular actresses like Rakhi and Asha Parekh in this list. The song from the film ‘Pyaar Hi Pyaar’ with Vaijayanti Mala sounds as new today as it was at that time – Main Kahin Na Ban Jaoon Tere Pyar Mein Aye Kavita….

actor dharmendra There were some similar romantics in his personal life as well. After the first marriage at a very young age, he married Hema Malini for the second time. Later, his relationship with Meena Kumari was also discussed. Even after the film ‘Naukar Bibi Ka’ in 1983, Dharmendra’s name was also associated with the new heroine of that era like Anita Raj.

mutiny and mutiny
Dharmendra, who played the role of high ideals and consciousness in films like ‘Satyakam’, also did a lot of rebellious roles. This side of his performance has also been unforgettable. Be it the film, my country, my village or Sholay. To see the kind of character Dharmendra lived in these films, the audience can happily go to watch the film once again.

Actually, many actors of Dharmendra’s era have had their own scope. He used to fit in the same character. Some were the prince of romance, and some of action. Someone was placed in the realm of emotion and tragedy king. It would also not be wrong to say that many actors themselves wanted to maintain the same character. But Dharmendra There is no restriction, there is no scope. He has been acting in his own way and is living in his own way even today. He has hardly done any character of a hotelier, but it is his style of living that especially in the Hindi speaking belt, many hotels and dhabas to street vendors will be found named ‘Garam Dharam’.

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