March 31, 2023
It was not easy for Vicky Kaushal to make a career in acting, there was a time when people used to shy away from giving work

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Mumbai: Vicky Kaushal was recently seen in the episode of ‘Chala Hawa Yeh Diya’. Vicky had a lot of fun in this show. The most important thing was that throughout the episode, Vicky spoke only in Marathi language and surprised everyone with his charming style. In this show, Vicky also talked about his favorite Maharashtrian food and how he relived his childhood and also recalled his struggle days in life.

Vicky Kaushal’s stars are on high these days. He is working in many films back-to-back. While on one hand he is in limelight for his upcoming film ‘Govinda Naam Mera’ with Bhumi and Kiara, on the other hand the release date of Vicky’s much awaited film Sam Bahadur has also been revealed recently. In the past, Vicky had also released the teaser of the film after announcing the release date of the film. In which the fans got to see their first glimpse. Now he has appeared in this show.

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love malvani food
In the show, Vicky revealed that he loves Maharashtrian food and especially loves Malvani dishes. Vicky said, “Whenever we shoot outside Mumbai, people often order Mexican and Italian in restaurants but I order Malvani food. Brother, eat Malwani food and forget everything. I like Malvani food the most.

grew up with marathi culture
When asked about the Marathi language, Vicky said, “I was born in Maharashtra and I grew up here as well, so I am very attached to it. Also, my childhood friends and school friends are all Maharashtrian. So, my Marathi is very good. I am really proud of this. My parents are from Punjab but I have more connection with Maharashtra.

remembered the days of struggle
According to the news published in ETimes, Vicky, remembering the days of his struggle, told that in the initial phase he did not get work due to many reasons. People refused to give him work. But his mother supported him. Whenever I used to go home after passing out from an audition and used to say to my mother, ‘Why is this happening to me,’ my mother used to say that you don’t think why and how all this is happening, you just Be sure everything will be fine. His words used to melt my heart.

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