March 26, 2023

The 10 Best Banks in Bangladesh 2022


Each person needs to set aside his own brought in money. In this way, everybody needs to set aside their well deserved cash in a dependable association. The most believed monetary organization is the bank. Banks are the most secure and most confided set up to safeguard individuals’ cash resources, capital, and ladies’ gems.


A bank is such a monetary organization that gathers the well deserved cash of the everyday person to put something aside for the future and contribute it. The Bangladesh government has effortlessly won the certainty of individuals by fixing command over the financial area.


As per Bangladesh Bank (BB) – Banks in Bangladesh are fundamentally of two kinds. These are Planned and non-Booked Banks. Presently, 60 booked banks and 5 non-planned banks are working under the total management and control of the BB.


  1. Sonali Bank Restricted

As per the “Nationalization Request 1972” Sonali Bank Restricted is the biggest business bank of Bangladesh. It is an administration state-subsidized bank that was established in 1972. As of now, there are 1225 branches both in the nation and abroad. It has won the certainty surprisingly in metropolitan and provincial regions than among public and confidential banks in Bangladesh.


As of now, there are complete of 18167 quantities of officials and workers. Different social exercises including benefits, retirement installment both private and public officials, assortment of administration association bills, and, and so forth that have been supporting Sonali Bank Restricted. It likewise has been fostering the country’s the exchange and business by supporting monetary exercises.


  1. Islami Bank Bangladesh Restricted (IBBL)

To store cash in view of Islami Sharia, then Islami Bank is your preferred main level bank. As per the public restricted organization Act 1913, Islam Bank Bangladesh Restricted presently known as IBBL is the majority rule bank of Bangladesh which was established in 1983 on 13 Walk.


It is likewise beginning business bank in Bangladesh. To open an Islami Ledger then you can undoubtedly open them from their home necessity administrations. In 1999, it was granted as the best bank in Bangladesh, and 2000; it was likewise granted as the amazing banking in Bangladesh.


  1. Dutch-Bangla Bank Restricted (DBBL)

Dutch Bangla Bank is the best specialist organization bank in the country otherwise called DBBL. From Teknaf to Tetulia, it has the biggest organization all over Bangladesh and the biggest giver bank among all banks in Bangladesh.


It is a non-legislative state-supported and the principal versatile financial specialist co-op bank in Bangladesh. It was established in 1996 by the M Sahabuddin Ahmed. To open a record in DBBL then you can undoubtedly open a record wherever in Bangladesh by versatile financial administrations.


  1. Eastern Bank Restricted (EBBL)

It is one of the main confidential business banks in Bangladesh. As per the Bank Organizations Demonstration of 1991, it was established in 1992 as BCCI, after that it changed into Eastern Bank Restricted. The base camp of this bank in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The Quick code of this bank is EBLDBDDH. EBBL offers the support of SME banking, monetary retail banking, and green banking, and so on.


  1. Standard Sanctioned Bangladesh

It is one of the global business banks in the country. It was situated in 1948 as a help organization of the monetary and banking areas. First and foremost, it began its excursion from Chittagong in Bangladesh. The administrative center of this bank in London. They are fostering their offices in the entire world.


It is the most seasoned worldwide and best biggest bank in Bangladesh. It was a consolidated monetary organization both of Standard Bank and Contracted Bank.


  1. HSBC Bank Bangladesh

HSBC represents Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Enterprise Restricted and it is the non-government business bank in Bangladesh. The overall biggest monetary specialist organization bank is HSBC Bank and furthermore a global monetary office. There are a few branches in numerous nations. For keeping up with global exchanges it is the most ideal decision for Bangladeshi individuals.


  1. BRAC Bank Restricted

It is one of the renowned non-government business banks in Bangladesh that was established by Sir Fazle Hasan Abed. This bank principally zeroing in on little and medium-class venture and working for Bangladeshi individuals for quite a while. The Quick code of this bank is BRAKBDDH.


  1. Pubali Bank Restricted (PBL)

As per the procedure of the public authority, Pubali Bank Restricted momentarily called PBL was nationalized in 1972 after the opportunity of Bangladesh and furthermore a renowned confidential business bank in the country. They offer their types of assistance more than 32 regions in Bangladesh. The current executive of the bank is Habibur Rahman.


  1. Grameen Bank

It is one of the biggest local area improvement banks in the country. Teacher Muhammad Yunus works this bank and is approved by public regulation in 1983. It is a microfinance association giving microcredit and credits to unfortunate people. This bank was granted by the Nobel Prize in 2006.


  1. Janata Bank Restricted (JBL)

Janata Bank Restricted in practically no time called as JBL is a state-claimed second-biggest business bank in the country. After the freedom of 1971, it was begun its excursion with the motto of “Janata Bank, your bank”. There are 844 branches all around the nation and 4 branches in the Unified Middle Easterner Emirates also. They offer their types of assistance including Banking, customer banking, corporate banking, and venture banking, and so on.

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