March 30, 2023
'Obstacles' to enter the 5G Program We have to apologize minister say

'Obstacles' to enter the 5G Program We have to apologize minister say

‘Obstacles’ to enter the 5G Program: ‘We have to apologize,’ said the minister

‘Obstacles’ to enter the 5G Program We have to apologize minister say

The unpleasant incident between the officials of the two Chinese technology companies has sparked widespread criticism in the telecommunications and information technology sector over the inauguration of the experimental launch of the new technology network FiveG in the country.
Discussions are still going on in the concerned quarters about the incident which took place at the inauguration ceremony of the launch of Five G on state mobile phone operator Teletalk on December 12 at the Radisson Hotel in the capital.

Through this program, Teletalk announced the launch of 5G experimentally in six places of the country including Dhaka.

Huawei officials in charge of welcoming guests that day have been accused of “misconduct”. The officials alleged that representatives of ZTE, another Chinese technology company, were not allowed to attend the event.

There have even been allegations that the invitation of Vincent Liu, the chief executive (CEO) of ZTE, a Chinese state-owned company, was ripped off.
Asked about this, Posts and Telecommunications Minister Mustafa Jabbar said, “An accident is happening at a program. That is why the necessary action has been taken.

“Huawei has been called a straight forward to apologize. And in the future, we will not have any of them to welcome guests to any event. “

The minister said, “They have caused disputes among themselves, personal quarrels for some reason. It is doing it without our knowledge. If we could feel the slightest hint, we would not be able to trace their shadow. “

An official of Teletalk said that Huawei was the sponsor of the event at Hotel Radisson. Chinese and local officials of the company were present at the gate to welcome the guests.

Huawei officials blocked the entrance to the venue when a group of officials, including Vincent Liu, CEO of ZTE Bangladesh, another Chinese company invited to attend the event, arrived.

At that moment, when Vincent wanted to show his invitation, a Huawei official snatched it. ZTE officials later left the venue.

In the pilot phase, 5G service has been launched in the country

Experimental Five G from 6 places in the country from Sunday

Nokia Corporation and Chinese multinational phone maker and technology company Huawei has been hired to supply Teletalk’s Five G technology. ZTE, on the other hand, is associated with some government projects.

The Teletalk official said that after hearing the hue and cry of ZTE employees with Huawei, some Teletalk officials rushed to handle the situation.

“Some of the Teletalk employees got into a scuffle with Huawei officials when rumors spread that their own officers had been attacked. Later other officials came and handled the situation. “

When contacted, Ewing Carl, head of Huawei Technologies Bangladesh’s public affairs and communications department, told “An unfortunate incident at the event has already caught our attention and we are working to rectify it.”

Noting that 5G service unveiling technology in Bangladesh is a great achievement for all concerned, he said the executive committee headed by the ministry had unanimously taken various decisions regarding the process, guest list and management of the event to make its inauguration a success. Everyone has worked towards that goal.

“We can assume that many people wanted to be a part of this Mahendrakshan at the historic Five G inauguration ceremony which was held in the presence of the Prime Minister, IT Adviser to the Prime Minister, and the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications. But in the interest of the success of the event, it could not be confirmed. We would be very happy if we could celebrate the launch of the Five G with everyone from the IT sector, ”he added.

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