March 26, 2023
Members of the investigation committee at the burnt launch

Members of the investigation committee at the burnt launch

Members of the investigation committee at the burnt launch

Bollywood star Kangana Ranaut has come out of the police station in a case alleging ‘insulting’ remarks about Sikhs through social media.
Police recorded his statement at Mumbai’s Khar police station on Thursday morning; Kangana wrote in an Instagram story after leaving the police station, “This country has always despised and devalued nationalists.”

Mumbai-based businessman Amarjit Singh Sandhu has filed a case against Kangana for allegedly making “insulting” remarks on Instagram about Sikhs who took part in India’s peasant movement on November 23.

The case alleges that the agitating Sikhs were “insulted” by calling them “Khalistani terrorists”.

Kangna was scheduled to appear at the police station on December 22 to appear in the case; Although he could not appear on the scheduled day, he gave his statement to the police station the next day.

Kangana, known as a staunch supporter of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has come out of the police station and expressed his displeasure in an Instagram story; He also pointed the finger of blame at the government.

“If you love the country, you will become the enemy of many,” wrote Kangana, the actress in ‘Queen’. In order to stay in power, those in power patronize the vote bank, and if necessary, they even sponsor terrorism. So I have to go it alone. ”

Kangana alleged that one case after another was being filed against her for “political help”; He has to run from police station to attend.

Earlier, Kangana Ranaut’s Twitter account was blocked by Twitter authorities for making one controversial comment after another about the West Bengal elections.

He has been criticizing Twitter and since then he has been expressing his views on Instagram.

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