March 30, 2023

Scientology’s stunning prevalence in Hollywood

Scientology’s stunning prevalence in Hollywood

Just having been around since 1952, Scientology has soared in prevalence consistently, with various popular countenances having gone through its positions.

‘Orange Is the New Black’ entertainer Laura Prepon began rehearsing Scientology in 1999 and has for some time been viewed as one of Hollywood’s sincere individuals, however presently she’s uncovered that she really quit—and without a sound, almost five years prior.

In a new meeting with People distributed on August 17, the entertainer opened up about her choice. “I’m done rehearsing Scientology,” Prepon said. “I’ve generally been exceptionally liberal, even since I was a youngster. I was raised Catholic and Jewish. I’ve asked in houses of worship, reflected in sanctuaries. I’ve examined the Chinese meridian hypothesis. I haven’t rehearsed Scientology in near five years and it’s presently don’t part of my life.” She says that now she and her significant other, who has never polished Scientology, really like to ruminate day by day, which has helped her “hear my own voice.”

Navigate to discover more, and see which other renowned appearances have fiddled with Scientology—you might be amazed!

Getty Image. Laura Prepon

Laura Prepon

In a 2015 interview with Celebrity magazine (via Salon), she said that the religion has made her “more me.”

Getty Image. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt fiddled with Scientology for a very long time subsequent to being presented by then-sweetheart Juliette Lewis during the ’90s. New data in The Sun surfaced from an ex-devotee of the congregation, enumerating Pitt’s violent time there, which evidently included being “twinned” with a 15-year-old young lady for as long as five hours per day in a warm sauna, and being shouted at as a component of treatment.

The time went through with the 15-year-old young lady, the high school little girl of a setup Scientologist, was probably a component of the “refinement summary,” as a feature of organizer L. Ron Hubbard’s strategy which comprises of high portions of nutrients, long saunas, and exercise.

Getty Image. Juliette Lewis

Juliette Lewis

The ‘Normal Born Killers’ entertainer is a long-lasting Scientologist and vocal protector of the religion.

She disclosed to The Daily Beast that the traditional press financed by the drug business has a quarrel against Scientology.

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