March 30, 2023
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Juger Alo Bangla Paper
Juger Alo Bangla Paper

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Janash Party was founded by Hussain Muhammad Muhammad on the death anniversary of Bogra-1 and Jessore-6 by-elections.

He said that the examiners of the selected students have become candidates. They are divided. Choose courier. Continue. Citizens one day. Choose right. Chat.
He was speaking at the death anniversary of Jatiya Party’s founding chairman Hussain Muhammad Ershad at a rural residence in Rangpur on Tuesday (July 14th).

bangla news paper juger alo
Juger Alo Bangla Paper

Opposition chief whip Ranga said everyone in the Awami League except the prime minister was involved in corruption. Now the Awami League as a party is a corrupt party. Despite the efforts of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, many efforts of the government are not succeeding due to corruption. Not just the health sector; All sectors are occupied by corrupt people. Their dominance has become an obstacle to all development activities of the government.

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The JPA secretary general said Corona is waiting for the next bad situation for the people of the country. Although a plan is urgent to deal with that situation, the government has no plan.

Challenging the northern Jatiya Party to regain 21 seats it lost in the next parliamentary elections, Ranga said, “We will hold 21 seats in the greater Rangpur-Rajshahi constituency in the future.” This is the challenge of my politics. If I can’t; But I will give up politics.

Speaking as the chief guest at the same function, party chairman and deputy leader of parliament GM Quader demanded exemplary punishment for those involved in looting in the health sector.

He said those who once opposed Ershad’s health policy are now praising him. We have been talking in Parliament about corruption and irregularities in various sectors of the government including health and education. Demanded justice. In this context, the government has taken action against those involved. Thanks to the Prime Minister for this. However, exemplary punishment should be provided to the perpetrators. So that no one will dare to commit such irregularities and corruption in future.

The meeting was chaired by Rangpur City Corporation Mayor and Jatiya Party Presidium Member Mostafizur Rahman and was addressed by Jatiya Party MP and Additional Secretary General Shamim Haider Patwari, Joint Secretary General SM Yasir and Central Organizing Secretary Haji Abdur Razzak.

Earlier, JPA chairman GM Quader along with party leaders and activists paid homage to Ershad’s grave with flowers. At this time, prayers were offered for the forgiveness of the soul of the late chairman of the party.

রংপুর সিটির সমস্ত খবর, লাইভ ইভেন্ট, সমস্ত অফার, করোনার খবর, দুর্ঘটনার খবর, স্পোর্টস নিউজ, ট্র্যাভেল স্পট, সিটি কর্পোরেশনের নিউজ, ভাল এবং খারাপ সব ধরণের খবর পাওয়া যায় এই নিউজ পেপারটি রংপুর অঞ্চলের সর্বাধিক প্রাচীন সংবাদ সাইট। এই নিউজ সাইটটি প্রতিষ্ঠিত হয়েছে ২০১৬

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